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Sounds of the Season

A cure for the Christmas music doldrums! Rob Martinez and “The Nights Before Christmas” offer up lost gems, rare classics, and the downright strange

The holiday season brings Christmas music. It’s inescapable. Odds are, the first strains of “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” or “O Holy Night” or “Jingle Bells” or something are drifting into your ears even as you’re tucking the Thanksgiving leftovers into Tupperware or fobbing them off on guests. Read More...

Around Town

Chemical Elements

March On, Comrade Ready New Album Our Peaceful Atoms

March On, Comrade are a hell of a band. They've been a band since 2015 when indie pop band Ordinary Van disbanded, but a few of the members decided to keep things going… Read More...

Truths universally acknowledged…

IPFW brings beloved Pride & Prejudice to the stage

A music journalist I once read had a theory about hugely influential and popular rock bands — the legions of imitators they inspired often took the wrong lessons from their heroes… Read More...

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