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It’s Alive!

Fort Wayne Civic unleashes Young Frankenstein (the musical)

As an actor, Billy Dawson has done heavy drama. He’s done comedy. He’s done musicals and he’s done classics. But to hear him tell it, nothing in his acting experience has quite prepared him to play a lurching, lumbering green-faced golem who “speaks” in moans and grunts… Read more...

Hell night in Fort Wayne

FWR’s intrepid critic-at-large journeys through the Fort Wayne spots he finds really scary

Socially, I'm a pretty intrepid guy, but I have to admit there are some bars and restaurants in Fort Wayne that look like such depraved hell holes that I've always been too scared to walk through their doors. For years, friends and acquaintances have assured me that some of these places aren't so bad, but I've never trusted them… Read more...

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