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Not fade away

USF show spotlights Stephen Perfect’s ‘Stones photos’ for “The Ann Colone Show”

When The Rolling Stones came to Fort Wayne for a show in November 1964, they had only been around for a little over two years, most members of the band were just in their 20s, and though they had racked up a few hits, “Satisfaction” was still about half-a-year away Read more...

Hopes & dreams

IPFW production finds new elements in The Glass Menagerie

Jeff Casazza, Associate Professor in the Department of Theatre at IPFW, tells a story about when one of his mentors met the great American playwright Tennessee Williams. It was during a dress rehearsal for a production of Streetcar Named Desire. Casazza’s friend was directing, and right before the lights came down, Williams walked in and sat right next to him in the theater. Read more...

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