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FWDC’s annual fundraiser invites you to live the Dream

Shakespeare’s must have been having a particularly inspired day when he chose A Midsummer Night’s Dream as the title of his intricate comedy, a title that perfectly evokes the story’s hazy mix of the fantastical and the earthly, the sense of events taking place in “our world,” but not fully “our world.” Read more...

Taste of the Arts 2015

Annual event happens downtown on Saturday, August 29

Now in its 7th year, Taste of the Arts has rapidly become one of Fort Wayne’s most popular festivals with its unique blend of music, dance, theatre, film and artists, demonstrating a huge variety of styles and talent from Fort Wayne… Read more...

Acid Pizza Party

The work of Adam Meyer and Michael Vaughn Green

Adam Meyer and Michael Vaughn Green’s exhibition “Acid Pizza,” hosted at Wunderkammer Company during the Fort Wayne Fringe Festival, is the birth of the Acid Pizza Collective, a new media art collective featuring collaborative pieces from local digital artists, pulling inspiration from 90’s counter-culture, virtual reality, the early days of the internet, and neon landscapes. Read more...

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