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Oscar the Grouch

The strange, true story of The Beast of ‘Busco

Sure, ballparks are all well and good, but for civic leaders and city boosters seeking other creative means to draw tourists to our fair city, slow the brain drain, and put Fort Wayne on the proverbial map, I have two words for you: Lake Monster. Read more...

Morrison Agen: On the Record

The Democratic at-large candidate for County Council is on a mission

Morrison Agen is on a mission. He’s running as a Democrat for an at-large seat on Allen County Council, and of course he wants to be elected. But there’s something else there, too… It’s a mission to get people like him — Democrats and other “progressive-leaning folks” in the area — to realize there is much, much more going on in an election year than whoever is at the top of their respective party’s ticket. Read more...

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