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New Guard

Artlink’s Regional Biennial Exhibition

Every two years, Artlink provides Northeast Indiana with a barometer for our art community’s success in the form of a regional juried exhibition which highlights the talents found in what tends to be unexpected places, and awards these artists with the honor of catching the eye of the judges as well as the community. Read more...

Art with a story

Mark Phenice tells his science-fiction epic in spare parts

One man's junk is another man's sci-fi steampunk epic. Read more...

Thanks Giving Day

Sweetwater and Adams Radio Group team up with the Red Cross for an uplifting awareness campaign (and maybe give Thanksgiving its signature tune at last)

“You never really hear a song about Thanksgiving,” Mike Ross says. “There’s no ‘White Christmas’ of Thanksgiving, is there?” Not only is there no “White Christmas” for Thanksgiving, there’s no equivalent of “Jingle Bells” either, or even a “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.” In fact, we’re betting you can’t even name a Thanksgiving song… Read more...

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