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Grumpy Gloria Gives Gratitude

By Gloria Diaz

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Okay, so it's a little late, but here are the things I'm thankful for.

I'm glad that I had a little over 17 years with my Daphne. I knew the end was coming, but I didn't know it would be so quick. I'm glad I was home and that she was in my arms, and not under the toilet tank, which is where she would have been had I not picked her up and brought her to the living room. Better to die in the arms of a loved one, instead of behind the porcelain throne.

I'm glad I have a cozy house.

I'm glad for running water and electricity. We take those things for granted, and after what happened to Puerto Rico, no one should ever gripe about being without power or running water, for “like three days now.” It could be worse, you idiots. I've managed to bathe with just one lousy gallon of water. If you want, I'll show you how it's done. I promise to wear a bathing suit. After the horror of going without water for a few hours, I wouldn't want your life to get worse by seeing me naked.

I'm glad I have a Crock-Pot so I can make delicious black bean soup, ready to eat once I come home from work. I hate to cook, but I'm really good at it. It also saves me money. I put a good half-gallon of soup in plastic containers and freeze them, so packing my lunch involves opening and closing the refrigerator doors.

I'm glad I have work. It's not full-time with benefits, but it's work. And I'm enjoying it.

I'm thankful I'm learning to control my spending habits. As long as I don't browse in stores, and can snag a full-time job with decent pay, I should be able to survive AND save money.

I'm thankful for my down comforter.

I'm thankful for my friends who include me in their Thanksgiving celebrations and vacations.

I'm thankful for my California friends who offer free lodging and wonderful company.

I'm thankful I don't suffer from aches and pains like a lot of people my age.

I'm thankful I don't LOOK my age.

I'm thankful for my creativity, which I am hoping will lead to an interesting new work space in my living room.

I am thankful, despite all the horror in the world, that I live in an age where I can self-publish my writing. I may never get a traditional publishing deal, but thanks to technology, I can see my words in print before I die. Sure, people look down on self-publishing. How many books have YOU written? I've self-published three, I finished writing my first novel in September 2015, and started another one.

I am thankful for my students. They inspire me, and offer help.

I am thankful I feel hope about the future. I feel 2018 is going to be a big year for me, full of changes and opportunities I never felt possible. Time will tell.

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