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The best movie & TV posters of 2017

By Bert Ehrmann

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The best poster of 2017 was for the TV series Stranger Things.

Not too many posters these days are illustrated. There was a time when all posters were, but that time ended with the advent of Photoshop where photos of the actors could be used in lieu of having an artist draw/paint them. But recently thatís changed a bit, especially with the company Mondo creating old-school illustrated posters. And to a certain extent Hollywoodís followed their lead and has produced a number of illustrated posters for big-budget movies. So itís no surprise an outlet like Netflix would have one of their shows feature an illustrated poster too. What is surprising is how well the illustrated poster for Stranger Things turned out. Illustrator Kyle Lambert created this poster and the attention to detail on it is astounding. This poster manages to be both modern and have a classic 1980s movie poster touch at the same time.

Thor: Ragnarok
The posters for Thor: Ragnarok shouldnít work, but they really do. The colors of them are hyper acidic and I get a sugar high just looking at them. I think what makes these posters work is that they still look like the standard Marvel movie posters, but because of the choice to use these colors make them unlike any Marvel movie poster thatís come before. I know Iíve always said I judge the best posters of the year based on whether or not Iíd like to have them hanging on the walls of my office. But the posters for Thor: Ragnarok might be the exception to the rule. I adore these posters, but having to stare at them every day on the wall my be too much for my weak psyche to take.
Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Much like with the posters for Thor: Ragnarok, the posters for Star Wars: The Last Jedi donít look like any other Star Wars poster I can think of yet still feel like posters for a Star Wars movie. To me the standard Star Wars poster has a bunch of characters on either black or white, and if the movie came out preĖ2015 was probably illustrated by Drew Struzan. Except the posters for Star Wars: The Last Jedi look nothing like this. From the teaser poster to character to final, they have characters colored red on a while background. Which makes these posters totally different in the pantheon of Star Wars yet none-the-less still amazing.

Spider-Man: Homecoming
Iíve been in love with the playful designs of the Spider-Man: Homecoming posters since they started dropping earlier this year. These posters look like theyíre capturing discrete moments in Peter Parkerís life balancing things as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man like hiding clothes in a backpack or getting ready to leap off a tall building along with being a regular New York teenager. I especially like one of the posters where Spider-Man is framed perfectly in the center of the image but the background is askew. The first time I saw it and noticed that, and realized the angle that Spider-Manís really at and it literally made me a bit dizzy.

Star Trek: Discovery
I donít know if itís the colors, the blocky typography or the design of the USS Discovery on the poster, but Iíve been a big fan of the teaser poster for Star Trek: Discovery every since it debuted last summer.

Wonder Woman
I really wanted to include the teaser poster for Wonder Woman last year, but I like to include posters for movies in my best of review that premier in the same year as the review. So I sat on this poster for a long time. Itís so simple, with just a near-silhouette of Wonder Woman over an orange and blue sky with the words ďPower Grace Wisdom WonderĒ below. Itís practically the perfect poster for this movie.

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