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Scoring The Silence

Metavari and Metropolis launch 'Sound & Shadow' Series premiere At Cinema Center

There's very few moments in cinematic history as relevant and game-changing as Fritz Lang's Metropolis. The futuristic, 1927 science fiction film blew open minds with its — at the time — impressive special effects and engaging story line about love, loss, and the struggle between man, machine, and where humanity fit in between them. Read More...

Around Town


Major collection of Indiana art at FWMoA

The Fort Wayne Museum of Art is proud to partner with the Haan Mansion of Lafayette to present a selection of works from the largest, most complete collection of important Indiana art in the state. Read More...

One song at a time

D Ferren Talks Something Like Forever

D Ferren has been making dusty, folksy music for a long time now. Starting back in 2002 with saint of life and the morning after cavalier, he made his name as one of the area's premier songwriters. Read More...

The World of WELT

Fort Wayne's low power 95.7 FM takes off

It's been little less than a year when WELT — a low-power FM station — hit the drawing boards, and only after a number of organizational meetings and word of mouth did the fuller picture of what the station would become begin to materialize. Read More...

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