Around Town

See you at the movies

Cinema Center’s massive Hobnobben Film Festival is what movie fans have been waiting for

When asked if there’s a “get” that he’s especially happy about in the impressive line-up of screenings at the Hobnobben Film Festival, Jonah Crismore — Cinema Center’s Executive Director — simply can’t decide. But to be fair to Crismore, he has a lot to choose from. Read More...

Selections: Hamilton Wood type Printing Museum

In the history of visual production, there tends to a cyclical calendar of periods of production, disruption, revolution, and stagnation. It can be seen throughout the art historical canon in everything from the advent of new metals to sculpt with, the systematization of perspective drawing, all the way up to the 3D printer. Read More...

Tarot Cards and Glitter Baptisms

Water Witches coming to Skeletunes Lounge

When Jason Davis of Streetlamps for Spotlights and Off The Cuff Sound gets a hold of me to tell me about upcoming shows in the Fort, I'm all ears… Read More...

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