Fort Wayne Reader Feature

Meet the New Boss

Bo Gonzalez of Bravas Food and the 20-Something Entrepreneurs

So here's a typical Friday workday for Bo Gonzalez, owner and operator of the popular Fort Wayne "mobile food" business known as Bravas Food: Read More...

Around Town

Ohio rocks the Fort

The D-Rays and Hex Net Invade In September

I've gotta admit, I've been a little bummed lately. Maybe it's because summer is going by way too fast. It could be because my book isn't getting published...again. But I think what's really bugging me is the fact that two of my favorite local bands have said goodbye to Fort Wayne stages for good. Read More...

The Baker Street-Fairfield Corridor

Pumping new life into a downtown artery

Listening to Jerry and Linda Vandeveer conjures visions of the kind of ideal neighbors you’d want living down the street from you… Read More...

Theoplis Smith: Iconic Color

Theoplis Smith III is one of those artists who only recently began considering himself a professional artist, and has found incredible success in a short period of time due to his talent and hard work. Read More...

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