Fort Wayne Reader Feature

Outlaws on Print

FWMoA show brings together printmakers from the underground

Outlaws of Print: The History and Artists of the Underground Collective, on display at Fort Wayne Museum of Art beginning April 21, features members of the Outlaw Printmakers collective. The group is characteristically ‘underground,’ residing outside the mainstream art world, though like many other Outsider artists and groups, slowly creeping in through the backdoor. Read More...

Around Town

A plague on both your houses

It’s all about family in IPFW’s production of Romeo and Juliet

Like any passionate teenage romance worthy of the name, Romeo & Juliet begins at a party, a party where at least one member of the destined-to-be young couple was told not to go by their parents. Read More...

Record Store Day 2018

11 Years of Vinyl Love

I grew up with vinyl. Some of my first memories are of my dad changing records on a Zenith console stereo in the basement as my parents and their friends drank longnecks, smoked, and played pool all the while Led Zeppelin, The Doors, ZZ Top, and Three Dog Night spun on the turntable. Read More...

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