Fort Wayne Reader Feature

Mother Earth

Lissa Brown’s Human Nature show at Wunderkammer

As you walk into the gallery housing Lissa Brown’s show Human Nature at Wunderkammer your eyes are immediately drawn to a large, consuming, dark blue wall at the other end of the room. The wall is covered in a dark indigo paint with a sparkling gold geometric symbol that at first glance speaks of ritual. Read More...

Around Town

Something More Universal

C. Ray Harvey, Omaha, Alaska, and Getting Back to American Rock and Roll

It wasn't even a year ago that I sat down and talked to C. Ray Harvey about his new band Omaha, Alaska. Read More...

The Doctor and the Madman

Jekyll & Hyde the musical unveils itself on the Fort Wayne Civic stage

The idea that we’re all really two people, that the face we show to the world is a mask and that beneath our civilized veneer lurks a side of us driven by base impulses and appetites… Read More...

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