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The Doctor and the Madman

Jekyll & Hyde the musical unveils itself on the Fort Wayne Civic stage

By Eddie Torres

Fort Wayne Reader


The idea that we’re all really two people, that the face we show to the world is a mask and that beneath our civilized veneer lurks a side of us driven by base impulses and appetites, is an idea that…

Well, frankly, it’s an idea we’re all pretty comfortable conceding, and we owe that acceptance not to the countless volumes of philosophy, psychology, cultural anthropology and sociology that have examined the subject, but to a late-Victorian thriller called The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde by Robert Lewis Stevenson.

You know the story — Dr. Jekyll, a rational man of science, downs a concoction of his own creation, using himself as his own guinea pig. The formula transforms him into Mr Hyde, a vicious predator and killer. Though initially the effects of the drug wear off and Dr. Jekyll returns, Mr. Hyde gradually becomes stronger and more difficult to control, and resents being “locked up” inside Dr. Jekyll…

Jekyll & Hyde the musical enjoyed a long run when it first hit the stage in the 90s, and garnered an armful prestigious awards for its music. Though the basic story has been interpreted in many different ways over the years — including as a comedy — this musical doesn’t lighten the tone of the original. It’s a struggle between good and evil, civilization and chaos, with an epic score that amps up the thrills and the drama.

The Fort Wayne Civic Theater presents Jekyll & Hyde
Arts United Center
303 E. Main Street

Friday, September 8 at 8 pm
Saturday, September 9 at 8 pm
Sunday, September 10 at 2 pm
Friday, September 15 at 8 pm
Saturday, September 16 at 8 pm
Sunday, September 17 at 2 pm

$30 Adults
$25 Seniors
$17 Age 23 and under

For tickets call (260) 424-5220 or online at fwcivic.org

Box office open Monday through Friday, noon to 6pm at 303 E. Main Street, Arts United Center

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