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At the Drive In

An American icon still survives in Northern Indiana

It's summertime in Indiana. I'm riding on U.S. 30, not quite into the sunset. It's a perfect day, weatherwise. I'm riding with a friend, chatting about this and that, headed towards sightseeing and fun in northern Indiana… Read More...

Around Town

Be our guest

Fort Wayne Civic Theatre’s 90th season kicks off with Beauty & the Beast

Based on the Academy Award-winning animated feature, Beauty & the Beast launches the Fort Wayne Civic Theatre’s 90th season on Saturday, July 22. Read More...

Just Passing Through

Artist Matthew Crumpton at Fancy & Staple

Artist Matthew Crumpton’s Crumpton’s work has a lowbrow west coast aesthetic, echoing visual cues of the early 20th century Futurist Movement. If you saw and loved the Juxtapoz and Robert Williams exhibits currently on display at Fort Wayne Museum of Art, you’ve got to check out Crumpton’s show Just Passing Through…. Read More...

Strange magic

Belle & The Strange bring their vibes to Middle Waves 2017

Belle & The Strange. You know 'em? Well, imagine if you will The Dead Weather, The Black Keys, Amy Winehouse, and 1920s German cabaret and you might get an idea of the voodoo they're summoning. Read More...

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