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Hobnobben 2017

Fort Wayne’s multi-day film festival hopes to see you at the movies June 15 - 18

Let’s say you went back in time some 15 years, and could eavesdrop on a late-night bull session taking place in some pre-smoking-ban drinking establishment between youngish, civic-minded types. The topic: what cool things would you like to see in Fort Wayne? A film festival would probably have been on that wish list (actually, those of you who participated in such things know there’s no “probably” about it)… Read More...

Around Town

In the Kitchen

Indianapolis-based artist Danielle Graves explores femininity in new Artlink show

When she was young, Danielle Graves says she didn’t understand why most of the daily, daily chores she was required to do left her house-bound, while her brother’s work took him outdoors… Read More...

Breathe easy

The Legendary Trainhoppers ready new album Let it Breathe and music doc

I always look forward to talking with Fort Wayne's The Legendary Trainhoppers. Read More...

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