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Hairy Situations No Fun to Resolve

By Gloria Diaz

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As I looked at my eyebrows last night, I thought about grooming in general, and how much of a drag it can be. I love a good shower, and shampoo, but the removal of hair can be dangerous.

I’ve always been conscious of my hair, how could I not be? It's the hair on other parts of my body that has caused embarrassment.

It started in grade school, when one of my more macho, mean female classmates commented that I had “hairy spider legs.” If you have blonde hair, or light brown, your hair doesn't stand out as much. But if you had dark hair, showing up black on your legs and other places, there's no way of hiding it. I'm sure my mother didn't approve of five-year-olds wielding razors or spraying Nair down their legs, so in the spring and summer, there I was, in my little dresses, legs and hair and all.

My eyebrows have always been THERE—no wispy, perfectly formed wings with just the right amount of hair. Mom never worried about getting mine maintained, so it wasn't until a few years ago that I bought wax and did them myself. I was surprised what a difference it made.

Now the trend seems to be prominent, Sharpie-like dashes of hair right above your eyes. I tend to go for the natural look when it comes to makeup, so I'm not contouring my face or sweating over my brows. I pluck hairs out every now and then, but I'm relieved that the “sperm brow” trend has faded, and with minimal fuss, my loud and proud brows are now fashionable.

Which brings me to the question of wax. It's great, but tricky to get the right temperature, so it's just goopy enough, but not too runny. If it drips into the wrong area, goodbye hair. Not much of a problem if it's in an area that only gets exposure when going to the bathroom or having sex, but not so cool when it's on your face. The other option, besides plucking, is to pick up a razor.

And yes, at one time I groomed using wax. Let me just say I'd rather have a surgical procedure before doing that again. At least, with surgery, you get anesthetic.

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