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Holiday Spirits

The Fort Wayne Civic presents A Christmas Carol — the Musical

A Christmas Carol is as much a part of the Christmas season as snowmen, jingle bells, and houses covered with blinking lights. Every Christmas, someone somewhere brings us another take on the classic story of the sour Ebenezer Scrooge, Read More...

Around Town

Shred along the Wabash

An evening with Steve Vai

In any other situation what I'm about to tell you would've been nothing more than just some bizarre dream I was sharing with the world, some surrealistic tale that my brain cooked up while I laid in bed and hoped for a few more moments of shut eye. Read More...

“No plot? No problem!"

National Novel Writing Month Challenges Writers to Complete Works

“No plot? No problem!” so goes the motto of National Novel Writing Month. The event actually began in July 1999, when California-based freelance writer Chris Baty gathered some friends to help him stay motivated to finish a novel. Read More...

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