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Thanks. No really, Thanks.

By Gloria Diaz

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Thanksgiving is nearly here. So, in an abrupt change from my Grumpy Cat mode, I will list some things Iím thankful for.

Iím thankful for my house. Yeah, itís a dump, but itís close to work and home. Thanks mom, for letting me have half of it. Iím thankful I live in an affordable city. Itís not super-swinging or exciting, but if youíre living here and paying $3000 a month for your rent/mortgage, youíre living in a dream house. On the coasts, youíd probably get a 300 square foot studio apartment.

Iím thankful for my dog, Daphne. At home, she is always by my side. Iím thankful for my cat, Summit. Even though she runs hot and cold, affectionate and hostile, just like her owner.

Iím thankful for Cedar Point. Itís my escape. If only I could bottle the feeling I get when I ride Millennium Force. Itís better than any drug or alcohol invented. Iím thankful that most of my hobbies are inexpensive. Iím into bracelet making now, and Iím able to buy charms on Amazon for cheap. And I make beads by recycling magazine pages.

Iím thankful Iím working. Four part-time jobs can be kind of a drag, but flexible hours are awesome.

I am thankful for Kara Bush, my stylist. Sheís a curly girl too, and she knows how to work with curly hair. Sheís made me love my hair for the first time in my life.
Iím thankful for Ipsy. Getting makeup every month for only $10 is amazing. Iím really digging The Balm eyeshadows, and I get to try normally pricey stuff for nearly free. That lip plumper from Urban Decay? Overrated. Or maybe my lips are big enough that I canít see any noticeable enlargement.

I am thankful for my ďnewĒ Chevy Aveo. I keep it really clean, so itís almost like a new car. I am thankful for Little Treesís Black Ice car freshener. It smells like Drakkar Noir.

I am thankful for the opportunity to go to grad school and to get really good grades. Not that it matters, but I feel like Iím proving everyone in high school wrongófrom the teacher who said, ďI always have problems pronouncing you peopleís namesĒ (when I corrected him on the pronunciation of my last name) to the a-holes who bullied me, and teachers who never thought I was college material. Yíall can kiss my masterís-degree earning ass.

Iím thankful I finally got a novel written and Iím working on the second one.
Iím thankful I never had kids. Iím thankful I can go home to a house and not have some violent boyfriend/husband ask me where Iíve been and then slap me for hanging out with a friend. Iím thankful for my friends, who put up with my emotional crap. I am thankful for my therapist, Susan Tielker-Sharpe.

I am thankful for my ability to think outside the box, and figure out a way.
I am thankful Iím creative.
I am thankful I can wear what I want. I am thankful I donít need a male relative by my side whenever I want to go out. I am thankful that I own vehicles, and I can get in my car and drive. I am thankful I can have a garden. I am thankful for all my five senses.

I am thankful my mother taught me how to read. I am thankful my father encouraged my interest in photography. I am thankful for computer technology, which allows me to make friends all over the world without leaving my house, to self-publish books, and the potential to make photo books. Even if no one else is interested, I can look at my book and say, ďI made this.Ē

I am thankful that whenever Iím low and Iím struggling with my issues/problems, the universe somehow lets me know that I am appreciated.

I am thankful that Iím good at my jobs. I am thankful I have enough food to eat, a cozy place to sleep, and hot showers.

I am thankful that even though I feel poor sometimes, compared to a lot of other people (both in the U.S. and in the world) I am very fortunate and have a lot to be thankful for.

Thereís other stuff too, but Iím saving that for next yearís first week of November FWR column.

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