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Forever Into Space

Greg Locke’s cinema dreams

Greg W. Locke is the kind of guy you want to know. Someone you could spend hours getting drunk with and espousing about art. He's the kind of creative and artistic soul that has long suffered the pain of the dreamer. No matter how impossible something may seem he doesn't back down… Read More...

Around Town

Faded metal

Two tribes meet in peace at The Brass Rail

In the 1980's I would have sworn that I would never say this — the guy from the band Cinderella was very cool! Read More...

Presque Vu: the work of Adam Meyer

While the idea of the "crossover" artist is now something common within pop culture, and within the realm of music, it has also been a growing trend within the visual art world as well. Read More...

Self-Titled: The Dead Records find their sound

The Dead Records make music that is hard to define. It's hard and heavy like a classic punk rock record; yet it has pop finesse all over it. Much like a great recipe -where you can taste so many familiar flavors, yet you can't put your finger on just exactly what's making it taste so damn good. Read More...

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