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Austin White

Young and the Restless

There are many communities around the United States which are attempting to fight "brain drain," a concept that is as insidious as it is vague. Although the idea of retaining all of your talented youth is definitely attractive, it is equally shortsighted for city in Fort Wayne's position. Read More...

Around Town

Orchard Gallery features work by artists Sue Davis and Steve Vachon

New show at the Orchard Gallery.

Sonic Youth's Best Decade...Or What I've Learned From Jim O'Rourke

An appreciation

When I was in high school Sonic Youth were this mythical band. They were one of those 120 Minutes bands that I couldn't relate to at all. In fact, there weren't too many 120 Minutes bands I could relate to. Read More...

Take me to Rivertown

The world of Robert Enders

If necessity is the mother of invention, frustration is the food. Four years ago, Robert Enders wanted to do sketch comedy. Lacking a stable schedule and actors who also had compatible schedules, he decided to create a comic and draw his actors Read More...

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