Fort Wayne Reader Feature

FWR turns 10

On our 10th anniversary, we look at some of our most popular cover stories, year by year

The first issue of The Fort Wayne Reader hit the stands during the first week of January 2004. That makes us 10 years old as of last month, and to mark the occasion, we took a look through our meticulously kept distribution records to find the most popular issue for each year we’ve been around. Read More...

Around Town

"Just a hardcore kid"

A conversation with Grey Gordon

Grey Gordon is an interesting cat. Not only does he play some pretty great guitar in the emo/hardcore band The Wickerwolves, he's also a hell of a singer/songwriter in his own right. Read More...

Permanent Abstraction

FWMoA's current public selection

Across the Midwest, there is a bias toward the representational. Among our collectors, our artists, and our arts institutions, abstraction is rarely highlighted. Because of this, the Fort Wayne Museum of Art's current set of exhibitions comes as a pleasant surprise, Read More...

Stage Whispers

The Civic’s annual playwright contest winners

The Fort Wayne Civic Theater usually announces the winners of their annual Playwright Festival Contest at a press conference… Read More...

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