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New Media Exploration

Show at USF spotlights four very different artists

The four of the artists in the current University of Saint Francis exhibition, "New Media Exploration," which highlights emerging and established artists, use unconventional media and produce ethereal forms through sometimes mysterious or lost processes. Read More...

Around Town

Carnival (and more) at Artlink

Carnival Exhibition, an open call show featuring over 50 Midwest artists, opens at Artlink on Friday, January 24. Over 50 local, regional and national artists are participating by entering works inspired by the “carnival” theme. Read More...

The business of art

The Arts Incubator at Artlink offers business program for creative entrepreneurs

The Arts Incubator at Artlink is developing a new creative class in Northeast Indiana. It gives creative entrepreneurs the skills, networking opportunities and action planning to start and maintain self-sustaining small businesses. Read More...

Wolves at the door

Meet The Wickerwolves

I hear a name like The Wickerwolves and you know what comes to mind? A bunch of old men in a rec room weaving baskets as therapy for arthritis when the Glucosamine Chondroitin doesn't kick in. But in this case, I'd be sorely mistaken… Read More...

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