Fort Wayne Reader Feature

Preying on your fears

Opensign Productions prepares to roll out Season Two of their web series “PHOBIA”

Halloween has long since come and gone, but for the guys at Opensign Productions, a Fort Wayne-based film company, Halloween goes all year round… Read More...

Around Town

99 Pink Balloons

Ian Skeans and his floating band

If you saw Ian Skeans, you wouldn't assume much about the guy. He seems to be just a regular bloke, just doing his time and putting in his hours at a 9 to 5er like the rest of us. His 9 to 5 is 9pm to 5am, but that little detail is irrelevant… Read More...

Theoplis Smith: "Can You Spare Change?"

Theoplis Smith, who is also known as "Phresh Laundry," is a primarily self-taught artist whose work comes from an innate need and desire to create. Read More...

“Teach a woman to fish…”

Creative Women of the World’s Loreli VerLee puts her passions to work

The old saying, “give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime,” gets a new twist from Lorelei VerLee, executive director of Creative Women of the World. Read More...

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