Fort Wayne Reader Feature

New Southern sensibilities

The cityscapes of photographer Steven Anselm

Steven Anselm constructs salient images out of the least remarkable objects, locations, and people, turning misconceived subjects into photographic vistas. The tact he uses in this practice includes an editorial eye for annoyance, boredom, and the psychological sublime… Read More...

Around Town

Saga of the Santa

The calendar says the first day of winter is December 21. Stores start decking the aisles not long after the pumpkins of Halloween have been put away — so early, in fact, that Santa has to fight for space with cardboard turkeys and pilgrims. Read More...

The most wonderful time of the year

Thoughts on the holidays

It seems like it was only yesterday that we were arguing about who was going to go outside and take Christmas lights down in sub-zero temps, carry box after box of ornaments and decorative Santas back downstairs to their place of slumber… Read More...

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