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Wedding belle blues

Bridesmaids endure a bad reception in IPFWs Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

Weddings. When it comes to her special day, every bride likes to feel that she is the specialest of them all. So maybe thats why, when she selects a handful of sisters, relatives, and close friends to stand with her in front of the assembled guests and say her vows, she often chooses to drape them in some of the most hideous, tacky, and completely-useless-for-any-other-occasion dresses ever designed. Read More...

Around Town

All You Need To Know: A Conversation With Medicine's Brad Laner

I know at some point in our lives we think that we've heard it all. That we are musically omnicient and there is nothing that hasn't passed our ears and our firm, pointed judgement. Read More...

Elly Miller: Bird Lover

The arts in general are a place of practice, rigorous process, and "just keep working at it" Read More...

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