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Lost Legend

Local filmmaker Dexter Rogers is on a mission to tell the story of Joe Gilliam

People who know the history of the Pittsburgh Steelers are familiar with the team’s storied and unstoppable appearances in four Super Bowls during the 1970's. The names ring out from the record books and film archives — Franco Harris, Lynn Swan, Mean Joe Green, Terry Bradshaw… Read More...

Around Town

46807 Artists

The art neighborhood has become an international metric by which a community can determine the strength of its arts scene and market, as well as its ability to garner international tourism and capital. Read More...

Phantom of the Woods

Michael Storch brings a work of psychological fear to the Cinema Center

Michael Storch likes the smell of fear and the sound of things that go bump in the night. And fear, suspense, and the darker sides of the human condition are served up in generous portions in his movie Phantom of the Woods, which premiers at Cinema Center on Sunday, June 30. Read More...

Controller: Breaking the Mold

One listen to Fort Wayne's Controller and you know right off that they mean business. There's no gimmicks or labels. There's no fronts being put on, and there's sure as hell isn't a "concept" behind their songs… Read More...

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