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Controller: Breaking the Mold

By EA Poorman

Fort Wayne Reader


One listen to Fort Wayne's Controller and you know right off that they mean business. There's no gimmicks or labels. There's no fronts being put on, and there's sure as hell isn't a "concept" behind their songs. It's just five guys laying it out there for us to hear and let soak in. It's heavy, precise, and what old timers like myself call "the real deal".
With the help of the band's manager Matt Kitsemble I was able to ask the guys some questions. Brandon, Jeff, Chad, Steve, and Bob (last names are irrelevant) were kind enough to humor me and answer those questions.

EAP: Tell me a little about Controller. How did it come about?
Bob: We consider ourselves a progressive rock band, we strive to continually grow as musicians, and to constantly push ourselves to the brink for the passion of our music.

Steve: We are all from Fort Wayne, and we have all been in the local scene about ten years. We are comprised of members from bands: Mob 9, Six Lives Out, Image, and Torrential Downfall. We originally planned to revamp Six Lives Out, circumstances changed, different members came forward and Controller was formed.

EAP: How would you describe the sound of the band to the uninitiated?

Steve: We have broad spectrums of influence ranging from Jazz, R&B, Pop, and Rock. Which in turn as turned into what we deem as our own brand of rock.

EAP: Tell me a little about your new long player, Undefined. Is there a concept or theme running throughout? How does the songwriting process work in Controller?

Steve: First and Foremost, this is not a concept album. There isn't an established storyline thru the album.

Bob: The way we write songs, is honestly all based off of who brings a riff to the table. There has been a time when I can honestly say we have all brought an idea to the table that has turned into a song on this album. We all write our own parts but we, most of the time, write together.

EAP: If you had to choose one song off the new album that you feel embodies Controller best, what would it be? Why?

Bob: I personally can't choose just one song that embodies Controller, that's kind of an unfair question in my opinion. We pride ourselves on, and strive to diversify our music. I personally feel that our whole album embodies Controller because it's all the aspects of the art we are trying to portray......which is us.

Jeff: I feel that Void, Embodies us the most. Everybody is taking their own approach to the song, and shows our versatility the best.

Chad: Your Own Two Feet, musically because of the content behind it, lyrically because of the emotion behind it.

Steve: New Beginning, because to me it actually shows, in a way, a different dynamic that we don't have in any other song. It goes from a deep full tone into an exotic tone, that fully encircles a unique song in itself.

Brandon: Precursor because it was written as a classical movement but it is also has a whimsical yet powerful introduction that gives way to a build of monumental proportions and ends with a thunderous blast.

EAP: What or who has influenced you guys to want to create music of your own?

Bob: I have been influenced be musicians, books, friends, family, heck even people I meet on the street. An idea for a song, can come from a conversation you feel strongly about, or something that has happened to you or someone you know, or even those you don't know.

Steve: All of my influence in music comes from other bands; or straight emotion.

EAP: Are you guys old enough to drink? If so can we see Controller playing at a local dive bar?

Bob: Yes, we are all old enough to drink, even though some of us don't look it, "cough" Jeff. We have played at venues around town, VIP Lounge, Columbia Street West, The Barn, Rock and Ride, etc. With many more venues to come.

EAP: Are Controller playing in the area currently? Do you guys have a favorite venue?

Steve: Yes, the band is actively playing shows, though we limit ourselves to the amount of shows we play so as to make sure the fans are getting a quality show every time they see us.

EAP: So where do you guys see Controller in 5 years?

Bob: Even though no one can predict the future, as long as we are continuing to push the limits of our music and abilities, and bringing it to the ears of our fans, I will be satisfied.

Make sure to check Controller out on a stage near you. And head over to Neat Neat Neat Records or Wooden Nickel Music and snag a copy of the cd. Your ears and stereo will thank you.

They’re also on facebook (facebook.com/controller33) and twitter (Twitter@controller33,

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