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Michael Wartell: The Exit Interview

The retiring Chancellor of IPFW on his tenure at the institution, the expansion of the university, and higher education

At the beginning of our interview with Michael Wartell, the retiring chancellor of IPFW tells us that he’s not interested in talking about anything “controversial.” When we respond that we hadn’t planned on it, he seems a little relieved not to have to issue another polite but firm refusal to comment. Read More...

Around Town

Images Collected, and Recollected

USF’s permanent collection

While the University of Saint Francis' permanent collection has been covered in the past, the unimaginatively titled, "Recent University Acquisitions" is a superb example of how appropriate and timely this collection is, both as an archive of the great artistic talents which have been, and many who currently are still residing, in Northeast Indiana. Read More...

The full band treatment

The Illegitimate Sons — with Lee Miles at the helm — release celebratory American Music

When all work was finished on American Music, musician and songwriter Lee Miles did what he usually does — he put the album up on The Illegitimate Son’s website, just to see if he could garner some interest before beginning the usual album release process of booking gigs, mailing out copies, and doing whatever he could do to promote it. Read More...

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