Fort Wayne Reader Feature

The Facilitator

New DID interim president Bill Brown explains the DID’s role, and why he’s the right man for the job

It wasn’t a cordial occasion when Rich Davis, President of the Downtown Improvement District, and Ben Hall, manager of Hall’s Gas House, a member of the DID, appeared before Fort Wayne City Council late last March. Read More...

Around Town

Action and reaction

Fort Wayne Ballet, Too continues to take risks

About midway through our conversation on the upcoming Fort Wayne Ballet, Too performance at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, I ask David Ingram why some dancers feel the calling to move beyond repertoire and choreograph their own work… Read More...

Feelin’ no pain

Left Lane Cruiser and James Leg tackle blues classics on Painkillers

According to Brenn Beck, drummer for Fort Wayne’s punk blues duo Left Lane Cruiser, one of the keys to creating a great record is not to prepare too much. Read More...

Jerrod Tobias: Fireworks Inside

Rarely do solo exhibition's appear as seamless and composed as Jerrod Tobias' recent "Fireworks Inside" at Lotus Gallery, which attempts to tell the story of "Willie Hoagland" and other characters through a large collection of images in a variety of media. Read More...

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