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TV Takeover

A startegic arrangement between two broadcasting companies could gobble up your local news coverage

Several weeks ago, something happened that could end up drastically narrowing your local news coverage, and nobody blinked an eye. Read More...

Around Town

At Old Crown, it's all about the coffee

Step into Old Crown Coffee Roasters at 3410 North Anthony and the first thing you’ll notice are the bins: over a dozen bins filled with freshly-roasted coffee, bearing names as evocative as their aromas — everything from French-Kissed Kona to a particularly potent brand of bean labeled the 9th Degree of Darkness. Behind the bins, toward the back of the shop, a huge, metallic machine that looks vaguely like a big bass drum rattles and sizzles as it turns raw coffee beans into one of the many tasty offerings you’ll find behind the counter and in the bins. Read More...

Julia Meek brings Folktales to the classroom

Julia Meek, the host and producer of Northeast Indiana Public Radio’s Folktales on WBOI (88.7 FM), has long wanted to add something to her popular program. “One thing that I’ve always found missing (on the radio show) is spoken word folktales that are not in my voice,” she says. Read More...

Vera Bradley kicks off 11th annual Classic

Vera Bradley is probably one of the most well known entrepreneurial success stories to come out of Fort Wayne in the last two decades. The “handbag company” founded by Patricia Miller and Barbara Baekgaard in 1982 enjoys the kind of national — well, international — recognition and success every company dreams about. Read More...

“Lights On Broadway” marks grand finale of Embassy’s 75th anniversary

There are countless synonyms for “big,” and I think I heard most of them while talking to people planning the Embassy Centre’s upcoming “Lights On Broadway” revue. Read More...

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