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Faded Seaside Glamour

By Jim Fester

Fort Wayne Reader


Britain’s Delays share a lot of characteristics with about a dozen English guitar-playing pop bands of the past 15 years. Chiming guitars, high-pitched harmony, infectious melody lines… it’s all here. There’s even the requisite song about the sun, called “You Wear the Sun” (I guess the sun comes out so infrequently over there that every time it does they have to write a song about it). More specifically, Delays sound a lot like the La’s, whose “There She Goes” was covered by Six Pence None the Richer a few years ago and constantly pops up in movie soundtracks and trailers. Think a raspy-voiced Frankie Valli fronting the Byrds, and you’ve got a general sense of what Delays do. Of course, just because they sound a little like Travis or the La’s doesn’t mean they aren’t any good. The songs on Faded Seaside Glamour are better than average; “Hey Girl,” “Long Time Coming,” and that sun tune will certainly burrow into your brain. The production here is very polished, but there’s a melancholy to some of the songs that make the sweetness go down a little bit easier. But overall, Faded Seaside Glamour is a strict genre album. If you’re a fan of this kind of romantic, jangly, very British guitar pop, you’ll probably enjoy it a lot. If you aren’t, it won’t make you reconsider.

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©2018 Fort Wayne Reader. All rights Reserved.