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Older neighborhood makes good

The North Anthony corridor is just a step away from being that bustling, pedestrian-friendly commercial district the city is looking for.

Fort Wayne devotes a lot of time, energy, and (consultant) money to thinking of ways to reinvigorate some of our older neighborhoods. City leaders travel to other towns to see what, for example, a baseball stadium did for downtown Dayton, Ohio, or how loft development helped create a thriving residential community in… well, name your mid-sized Midwest city. Read More...

Around Town

Family Play Time

Parents and siblings in real life play parents and siblings on stage in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Family plays a big part in Youtheatre’s production of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, both on and off the stage. Based on Barbara Robinson’s funny and very popular children’s book, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever tells the story of the six wild Herdman children “crashing” the town’s usually prime-and-proper Christmas pageant. Rude and obnoxious, the Herdmans are the kind of people who think it would be really cool to rewrite the nativity story as a Kill Bill-style payback epic against Herod entitled “Revenge at Bethlehem.” Read More...

Kristy Jo Beber and the Business of Art

Like many fine arts graduates, potter Kristy Jo Beber had a strong grasp of her craft when she finished school in 2004, but only a set of vague notions regarding what to do with her artwork once it was completed. Beber knew how to make art. It has taken two years of hard work, trial and error, and commitment to a modest living, though, to teach her how to be a working artist. Read More...

Lee Miles' House Party

Everyone from Grant Lee Phillips and Peter Stuart to Martin Sexton and some guy named Jeff Tweedy have been known to sit down in someone's living room and play some tunes armed with nothing but an acoustic guitar. House shows in Fort Wayne are not very common, but if Lee Miles has his way that's about to change. Read More...

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