Fort Wayne Reader Feature

Blue Jacket has Fort Wayne covered

As the organization marks its 12th year, director Anthony Hudson reflects on their achievements

I like to think of Blue Jacket as the “hard reboot” button on life’s laptop: we all stumble and fall sometimes, and knowing there are organizations like Blue Jacket to help you back up gives you a little faith in the human spirit. Read More...

Around Town

One More Revolution

The Last Will and Testament of Billy Rivers and ****ing Panthers

You start a band so you can make some noise, annoy the neighbors, and maybe even impress a girl or two. As time moves on priorities change, you learn a few more chords, and the drummer can keep better time… Read More...

Winslow Homer exhibition stops at FWMoA in July

Groundbreaking research gives new insight into Homer’s inspirations

An exhibition of 240 celebrated works by American artist Winslow Homer opens July 28 at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art and will be on view through September 23. Read More...

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