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Photographer Kirsty Mitchell’s acclaimed series comes to the Fort Wayne Museum of Art

In the summer of 2009, Kirsty Mitchell, an award-winning fine art photographer from Surrey, England, began a project to pay tribute to her late mother Maureen, who had died of a brain tumor the year before. Read More...

Around Town

Revisited: New Pale Swimmers

When I first arrived in Fort Wayne, Indiana there were a few names that always came up when talking about true blue local music talent: Orange Opera, Thunderhawk, and Vandolah. It was as if these bands arrived fully formed and ready to rule the Midwest, then the world. Read More...

“Who you calling ‘boring’!?”

The City of Fort Wayne wants you to help name the mighty TBM

One of the largest public infrastructure projects in the history of Fort Wayne is underway with the construction of the Deep Rock Tunnel, a planned five-mile-long tunnel, more than 200-feet under the earth’s surface… Read More...

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