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They came from the 80s…

Dean Robinson’s documentary Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy chronicles the life and times of Indianapolis hair band contenders Nova Rex

Three decades ago, rock bands dressed like transvestite hookers were all the rage. They wore fishnet stockings, spandex, pink-leopard print leotards, and high heel boots. Their hair was often sprayed and aqua-netted so that it resembled the frill of some prehistoric Ceratopsid, and they boasted facial make-up that would make Barbara Cartland gasp in horror. Read More...

Around Town

The Hedge

Walk into The Hedge at 1016 Broadway and meet Helga, Ginger, Eva, and Mulvay’s Mangler. Helga is the youngest, born in 1960. The four of them are not a knitting circle of elderly women, but printmaking presses belonging to artist Julie Wall, who lives and works in the location with Daniel Dienelt Read More...

The Magic of Possibilities

Sankofa and 100 Magnets

Last we heard of Stephen Bryden, aka Sankofa, he was releasing onto the world an excellent LP called Ink From Rust. When Bryden does something, musical or otherwise, he puts 110% in. Read More...

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