Fort Wayne Reader Feature


After a long process, Tobias Studios 300 mural in downtown Fort Wayne nears completion

Members of Tobias Studios, Jerrod and Kara Tobias, a husband/wife team, are hard at work painting a 300 long and 20 high mural on the northeast side of the Columbia Street bridge downtown. Read More...

Around Town

Fragmented Clarity

FWDCs touring company gets its stage debut

Fragmented Clarity, a contemporary dance performance from Fort Wayne Dance Collective, brings together the best work produced by the FWDC Touring Company members over the past twelve months. Read More...

Rock and Roll Saviors

Three Cities Bring The Rock Back To The Fort

If the end of Rodney Dangerfield's Back To School had continued on to his open house party I would imagine the band playing that party could very well have been Fort Wayne's Three Cities Read More...

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