Fort Wayne Reader Feature

The “Godfather of Lowbrow”

Artist Robert Williams debuts new work at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art

Robert Williams: SLANG Aesthetics! is the Midwestern debut for a new body of work by the champion of underground artists, Robert Williams. Williams is widely upheld as the godfather of the lowbrow, pop surrealist, and colloquial realism art movements, direct antecedents of the New Contemporary Art movement. Read More...

Around Town

Annual Spring Book Fair hosts Northeast Indiana authors and artists

Canterbury School’s annual Spring Book Fair happens April 18-20 from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at 5601 Covington Road. Read More...

Garrett Museum of Art

An arts gem just a short drive away

Is the true test of a successful art exhibition the work itself? Often this is not the case…sometimes there exists one exceptional individual who champions the art and the artists to bring a great show to the public. Read More...


A conversation with Fort Wayne’s Love Hustler

The 80s get a bad rap at times. Sometimes that bad rap is deserved. Things like pegged pants, pet rocks, Monster Truck shows, and a good portion of 80s Saturday morning cartoons should never have existed. So let's put all of those out of our minds, shall we? Read More...

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