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Second chances

Local artists collaborate with Blue Jacket clients to turn life stories into art

The Blue Jacket Second Chance Auction is a great fundraising event for one of the best causes in today’s world. Blue Jacket isn’t a program that just gives out jobs and moves on, but rather a program to teach people how to improve their overall quality of life through new careers and life skills. Read More...

Around Town

Battery Dance

Fort Wayne Dance Collective hosts cutting-edge dance company for performance and workshops

Since 1989, Fort Wayne Dance Collective has hosted a guest dance company to inspire, educate, entertain, and enhance the community. This year FWDC welcomes Battery Dance from NYC. Read More...


Mark Hutchins Talks New Pale Swimmers Digital Return

Mark Hutchins used to make the rounds as one of the premier Fort Wayne songwriters. He started making a name for himself in the band Vandolah, which to my recollection recorded one of the best local albums to grace the cd racks at Wooden Nickel Music called Please Read More...

The wild side

The whimsical imagination of Alexandra Hall

The painted images are something straight out of Alice In Wonderland. A cheery frog riding a tricycle; an Ewe and a Ram lounging in an Italian cafe setting; various animals taking in the nightlife or enjoying an afternoon libation… Read More...

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