Fort Wayne Reader Feature

“We are teamwork”

The return of Sankofa

I've mulled around the music scene in Fort Wayne for a few years now. I barely stuck a toe in the waters, as it were, but from a distance I feel I've seen genuine greatness come from the Fort. It seems to be this microcosm of musical minds not willing to let anyone write their narrative but themselves. Read More...

Around Town

Explorations in media

Artlink’s current exhibits highlights four diverse artists

Artlink Contemporary Gallery features an interesting mix of printmakers and multimedia artists in its current exhibition. Together Stephanie Carpenter, Adam Meyer, Deborah Robinson Miller, and Ashley Beatty create a visually striking show which rewards the unhurried viewer. Read More...

Taking it all too hard

Coming full circle with Genesis

I can remember for a good portion of my childhood (at least that portion that didn't include a cassette player in my bedroom or in the car) that radio was my friendly companion. Read More...

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