Fort Wayne Reader Feature

Giving Chekov the bird

IPFW’s comedy Stupid ------ Bird sinks its talons into The Seagull

If playwright Aaron Posner has ever heard the phrase “respect your elders,” he doesn’t seem to have taken it very much to heart. More accurately, judging by his comedy Stupid ----- Bird, Posner seems to have done what many birds seem to do to the monuments we build for our revered institutions and visionary leaders… Read More...

Around Town

Bible Belt Devil Music

MOBILE HOME Hit The Brass Rail March 3rd

Don't let that title fool you. There will be no virgin sacrifices or blood lettings happening on March 3rd at the Brass Rail (though after 3am all bets are off.) What will be happening is some punked-up rockabilly ala X, the Replacements, Blondie, and The Stooges. Read More...

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