Fort Wayne Reader Feature

Confessions of a Santa

A “Santa Rep” for over three decades gives us a glimpse “behind the beard”

We can all agree that Christmas is a busy time of year. We’ve all got a billion things to do around the holidays. But without a doubt, Santa Claus has us all beat. Read More...

Around Town

A snapshot of where we were

C. Ray Harvey Takes Us To Omaha, Alaska

C. Ray Harvey has been making music in the Fort for years. I saw him play for the first time when he was fronting Wooden Satellites on Record Store Day way back in 2010. He fronted that band like a guy who'd been performing a lifetime (at that time he was probably only in his early 20s.) Read More...

Fantastical History

The Literary World of E.R. Blake

Of all the ways to make a name in the artistic world I imagine that "author" would be the most difficult. It's not as if you can sit down and write a book in one evening. Read More...

The Gathering Of A Voice

Doc Shadowbear brings the Native American sound to the radio

Warm, jovial and inviting, Doc Shadowbear opens on WELT 95.7 every Friday night, his personality spilling over the airwaves much like Wolfman Jack or any of the early DJ's spinning record platters over the airwaves. Read More...

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