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Nervous LGBT Nation

LGBT rights advocates in Indiana have fought Governor Pence for years. Now, he’s in the White House…

During Donald Trump’s long, loud campaign through the primaries and to his eventual nomination as the GOP’s presidential candidate, one item seemingly absent from his list of social bugbears beloved of conservatives was his stance on LGBT rights. Read More...

Around Town

Realist master takes flight

Renowned artist John Baeder debuts new series at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art

When it comes to contemporary art, realism sometimes doesn’t get the full attention it deserves. It’s not that realism isn’t appreciated or admired or collected — it’s all those things, especially the last one. It’s more that in praising the detail or precision in a work of realism, people overlook other qualities Read More...

“Life is full of strange absurdities…”

Six Characters… go in search of an author at IPFW

Pirandello ain’t easy. And Six Characters In Search of an Author might be one of his more… challenging plays. Read More...

“The Doodle Shall Prevail”

The Art of Frank Louis Allen

It's not often we find our main passion in our 30s, yet that is what happened with Fort Wayne by way of the UK artist Frank Louis Allen. After a back injury left him partially disabled back in 2011, Allen began drawing. Read More...

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