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Collaboration between Wunderkammer and Jennifer Ford Art yields a unique show

The Fort Wayne arts scene has, over the years, gone through a number of bubbles and bursts when it comes to the lifeblood of any creative economy- Talent. Read More...

Around Town

Emotions In Motion

A Conversation with We Love You's Caleb Lewis

So what's Marion, Indiana known for? I thought it was just a name on a highway sign off of 13S on the way to Indianapolis. Turns out, there's more to it. It's the birthplace of James Dean and Garfield cartoonist Jim Davis. It's also where Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett were married in 1993 (weird, right?) Read More...

Of Talent and Tacos

It's a late Tuesday evening at the Latch String Bar and Grill. Posters and beer pictures festoon the walls, and the only bright lights come from an array of muted flat screen TVs fixed to the walls like living, moving paintings in a pub museum. Read More...


Fiction anthology Illuminati At My Door offers 12 tales of secret societies

Ever since humankind began to extend its ambitions beyond eating and procreating, itís been seeking explanations for tragedy, calamity, or misfortune. Read More...

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