Fort Wayne Reader Feature

A Tale of Two Rallies

FWR looks back at May 2016, when the political world cared about Indiana

Let’s imagine that in May 2015 you’re going about your daily, daily, when someone approaches you and says: “I’m from the future. May 2016, to be exact. A year from now, Indiana will not only be a major player in the presidential primaries, but we’ll actually be the deciding contest for a major political party… Read More...

Around Town

Eye in the sky

Gods Overhead explores the moral and ethical landscape of drone warfare

The haunting swirl of a synthesizer evokes impressions of something robotic and threatening, while in the background another voice hints at the human element behind the machine… Read More...

Now we know: Robert Harrison talks new album

It wasn't long ago we talked to our good friend and singer/songwriter extraordinaire Robert Harrison. At the time he'd been working on songs for a new album. Well that new album is here, and it's called Now I Know. Read More...

Rosie Lee: Dandy Fresh, Dressed to Impress

From artists like Marilyn Minter to Yinka Shonibare and Nick Cave, fashion is becoming more and more important in the way that we see ourselves and others. Locally, there are a number of artists with Fort Wayne connections who are working with aspects of this, but none as elegantly as Rosie Lee. Read More...

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