Fort Wayne Reader Feature

The Sounds of Central

2nd Annual Central High School celebration spotlights music and musicians

45 years after Central High School closed, the legacy and legend of the institution remains strong in Fort Wayne. The “Grandfather of Fort Wayne High Schools,” Central High (1922-1971) cultivated academic excellence, celebrated athletic dominance, and thrived as an early adopter of integrated education. Read More...

Around Town

Mix tape Masterpiece

An ode to the lost art of the mix

I recently acquired my parents' old Sanyo dual cassette deck for the purpose of listening to some Debt of Nature cassettes that I happily received in the mail a couple of months ago. Read More...

Random acts of mayhem

Fort Wayne native BJ Hollars tries to “write his way out of disaster” in This Is Only A Test

BJ Hollars can pinpoint almost the exact hour his collection of essays This Is Only A Test started taking shape — about 2 PM April 28, 2011. Read More...

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