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Donald Margulies

Pulitzer Prize winner is special guest at Northeast Indiana Playwright Festival

When artists talk about their childhood, the story is often a familiar one: a deep love of their particular field, followed by a “eureka” moment very early on, when they realize that “this” — music, art, acting, whatever — was something people did, and that they could do it, too… Read More...

Around Town

Julie Wall Toles: "Print it, and they will come…"

Julie Wall Toles has brought the history and culture of printmaking to the Fort Wayne art scene and given us great examples of how versatile of a practice it truly is. Read More...

Sweetwater launches GearFest ’14

Musicians, gearheads, and audio technophiles rejoice!

GearFest is once more upon us. Sweetwater’s massive, weekend-long annual celebration of music and music equipment happens Friday, June 6 and Saturday, June 7 at Sweetwater’s campus at 5501 US Highway 30 West. Read More...

The Atomic Sharks

Bringing the sounds of ukulele fun to the Fort

When you hear someone playing a ukelele, more often than not they're able to take you away to someplace completely different. Read More...

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