Fort Wayne Reader Feature

The Shape of Riverfront Development

SWA Group's Kinder Baumgartner of Fort Wayne's riverfront development

If attendance at the public input session for River Front Fort Wayne is anything to go by, residents of the area havenít been so interested in our rivers since someone decided it looked like a good place to slap up a fort over 200 years ago. Read More...

Around Town

Fort Side Story: Place under pressure

The art world is notorious for being a virtual community, adrift in an interstitial space amongst the many art fairs, biennials, and frothy international web of "it" cities, many of which come and go over the years. Read More...

Music in her blood

A conversation with Lexi Pifer

Once in a while you come across a singer that just has "it". Lexi Pifer has "it". What does she have? Luck of the Irish? The winning lottery ticket? No, no, and no. What she has is the gift of song. Read More...

Up close and personal

The intimate new ArtsLab Theatre is the venue for the Civicís Grace and Glorie

At first glance, the set-up to Grace and Glorie seems like a classic clash of culturesÖ Read More...

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