Fort Wayne Reader Feature

Crackling energy

The Fort Wayne Dance Collective brings Gallim Dance to the Arts United Center

Do a quick read-through of the many positive things written about dancer Andrea Miller and her company Gallim and you’ll notice a common theme. One reviewer, for instance, called Miller “The Queen of Quirk.” Another described her work as “zany.” I even saw a “goofy” in there, while yet another talked about a particular work’s “wild-child dynamism.” Read More...

Around Town

16 years in the making (sort of)

The Fort Wayne Ballet performs Romeo & Juliet

“Did you ever think you’d see 15 male dancers on stage at a Fort Wayne Ballet performance, fighting with swords?” asks Karen Gibbons-Brown, the Fort Wayne Ballet’s Artistic Director. Read More...

Creative Motivations

IPFW Faculty and Advanced Students show

Often overlooked is the great talent bound in our local art schools. Both at the High School and University level, we not only have proficient teachers of the arts, but also excellent makers as well. Read More...

The Return of Rick Barton

Former Dropkick Murphys guitarist visits the Brass Rail with new band Continentals

As the 90s drew to a close, Boston punk band Dropkick Murphys were on the verge of shedding their up-and-coming status and moving to much bigger things. Read More...

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