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Full circle

Fort Wayne native Dan Butler directs and stars in Our Town at IPFW

Whenever actors are honored at awards shows, it’s a sure bet that capping the list of “thank you’s” will be a heartfelt one for “Mom.” And that’s probably doubly true for actor Dan Butler, whose mother took him to his first audition when he was just eight years old — and at the time, he didn’t even know he was going. Read More...

Around Town

Music on his mind

Mark Hutchins returns to the same

"Push pins are the only thing keeping me awake now. Constellations on my leg, glowing red, bleeding thin. Row the boat to the golden shore and you'll find me bleeding like a sun trapped inside a song for everyone." Words from a guy name Mark Hutchins… Read More...

Taking the Fort by storm

Andrew Logsdon has the appetite to win

It's a late Thursday afternoon at Halls Deck as Meteorologist Andrew “Big Dawg” Logsdon finishes the first of three challenges: A dining contest that pitted him against three of Halls employees in a showdown to see who could put down the biggest plates in the shortest amount of time. Read More...

Willyum Baulkey: Fashion Forward

Many local artists have been taking a common strategy of networking through their local scene extensively, becoming a "big fish," then attempting to move on to larger markets. Read More...

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