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The ACPL's author fair puts local and regional writers in the spotlighte ACPL

If you've ever had an image of writers as being reclusive, hunching over their keyboards, typing their little hearts out, you'd probably be right. Writing is one of those things people usually do by themselves. Read More...

Around Town

Catching up with D Farren

Back in 2012 Fort Wayne saw a plethora of great local releases. TIMBER!!!(RIP), House Of Bread(RIP), Vandolah, and Jason Davis all released great albums that proved to my ears Fort Wayne is more than just mega churches and strip malls (and strip clubs. Read More...

Perceptive Still: New Views

Photography show at the ACPL

Fort Wayne's art community has gone through a cyclical development for the better part of the last decade, expanding as great talent rises through our local universities, interacting with our institutions and steadfast individual artists, and then deflating as they either had families and fell out of the rotation of exhibitions and special projects, or opted to move away to find other art markets. Read More...

What a way to make a living

9 to 5 the musical at The Fort Wayne Civic Theatre

Back in 1980, the movie 9 to 5 was not only a box office success but one of those cultural phenomena that seems to take on a life far beyond its relatively modest beginnings. Read More...

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