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Star Crossed

The FWDCís fundraiser puts you at the heart of an epic love story

In the grand tradition of most teenage romances, Romeo and Julietís great passion begins with the two star-crossed lovers locking eyes at a party. Papa Capulet has invited Count Paris so that Capuletís daughter Juliet can meet him ó the count intends to marry Juliet one dayÖ Read More...

Around Town


A ďBig BandĒ vibe infuses Fort Wayne Ballet's season opener

Towards the beginning of my talk with Karen Gibbons-Brown, the Fort Wayne Balletís Artistic Director, she offers up a direct and unassuming answer to a pretentious and silly question Read More...

New colors, new sounds, and a band called ex-wife

Out of mere happenstance I came across the New Brunswick, New Jersey band ex wife. Dream pop, shoegaze, post-punk, all thrown into a musical stew that is a feast for the ears. Read More...

Three Views: Beyond Human Experience

Three contemporary photographers show at USF

Photography has become much more than the form of technology that it started as, or the territory of expression that it quickly occupied. Through its temperamental and plastic nature, photographic representation has become a means by which humanity can see itself through new eyes and self-reflect in more immediate ways. Read More...

ďThe weirdest auditions everĒ

Four actors play over 150 characters in the Civicís The 39 Steps

When it comes to auditions, most actors know the score ó show up with something prepared, maybe read a scene from the piece being cast, or maybe even do a little improv. Read More...

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