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Going up the country

The Pinestock Music festival

Have you ever sat watching the famous Woodstock Festival from 1969 and wondered how incredible that would've been? Or how about Woodstock 1999 and wish that could have been erased from human existence? For me, I'd love the music (of the former) but could do without three days of naked hippies and toddlers and all that nasty brown acid… Read More...

Around Town

2013 Taste of the Arts

Free downtown festival features 30 restaurants, 60 performing groups, arts, markets, and more

Now in its 5th year, Taste of the Arts has quickly become one of Fort Wayne’s most popular festivals with its unique blend of music, dance, theatre, film and artists, demonstrating a vast variety of styles and talent from Fort Wayne, along with dozens of local restaurants serving a wide assortment of food choices. Read More...

Lost in space

A conversation with White Hills’ Dave W

I can remember it clearly. I was perusing my favorite blogs back in March — when we were all still aglow from My Bloody Valentine's triumphant return after two decades of knob turning and hand wringing — when I came across an article about a band called White Hills. Read More...

See through

Summer of Glass at the FWMoA

"Art Stars" are a necessary function of the global art world that we live with. These unique celebrities are the most enviable of all, being that they have the perception of total creative freedom, resulting in subsequent economic freedom as well. Read More...

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