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Behind the Beards

The Men We Decided to Make Statues of

Several months ago, a plan to move the statue of General Anthony Wayne to the courthouse square generated a lot of controversy. We’re not weighing in on that issue here, but it got us thinking — while we know the reputation and of our city’s namesake in general, we don’t know all that much about his story. And to go even further, we have no idea who some of these other statues dotted across Fort Wayne are meant to honor. Read More...

Around Town

Do you hear the people sing (a lot)?

The Civic stages a rare production of Les Miserables

How long has Greg Stieber wanted to direct a production of Les Miserables? To hear him tell it, a couple decades and change. Read More...

From Florence with love

The psych pop sounds of The Vikers

Once in a while you have to look beyond what you know to find that next great album. Sometimes in order to expand your mind you have to say the hell with what you do know and open that noggin of yours and let something you don't know soak in. Read More...

Triple Threat: Art Stars in the Making

It is so rare to see an artist find a way through the pitfalls of academia with the strength to say "I want more,” continue through graduate studies without again falling prey to the struggles — caffeine and nicotine addictions, and then the intense lack of funds that follow shortly after the terminal degree with those three letters of distinction, MFA. Read More...

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